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Welcome to Texas Rose Graphics Clip Art Catagories

Unlock Your Creativity with Clip Art
This site is for graphics makers, regardless of the Paint Program you use. Have fun! Read the terms which also include instructions for viewing and storing the images. Scanned clip art being added August 2000. Please check bookmark to see stunning Victorian Clip Art in color. In the meantime have fun with some wonderful black and white images below!

The Terms Are Simple This link also includes information on viewing, downloading and storing the images on your computer.

Please take a minute to read the terms carefully. Downloading and using the images means you have read and understand, *and* agree to those terms.

Here is a logo you can link with (download to your computer by right clicking)

Browsing and downloading the images is an agreement to linking procedures stated in the terms. (Linking back to this site is complimentary for time involved to place the images here, and in no way do I claim copyright for the clip art, and in no way am I in breech of copyright).
Please visit the Pandora's Box site to learn more about joining us while we play with graphics. Pandora's Box is open to all groups not just Texas Rose Graphics Forum. Although you don't have to play with us in Pandora's Box to enjoy this catagory. Though we love newcomers if you can make the time. :)


    Horses   13 Images
    New Catagory
    Black & White Ladies   7 Pages
    A stunning set of black and white clip art for Victorian enthusiasts. Perfect for PSP brushes, background sets, font dings etc. If you get in the mood to go shopping, you'll find the link for Amazon and petsmart at the bottom of the thumbnails. Current forum topics are also shown in this catagory. ~Enjoy & please remember to link to Texas Rose Graphics, it's very appreciated!
    Black & White Babies   3 Pages
    Cute and adorable Victorian babies in black and white clipart. Perfect for PSP brushes, background sets, font dings etc. ~Enjoy & please remember to link to Texas Rose Graphics, it's very appreciated!
    Black & White Frames   8 Pages
    Black and white clip art frames for graphics making. Lots of uses for graphics making. This one catagory inspires many ideas. Enjoy~
    Black & White Corners   3 Pages
    Black and white clip art corners for graphics making. Great for making Calling Cards and Web Signatures, or even using to make Outlook Stationary, these images will make an eye catching appeal to polish any graphics project you are working on. Enjoy~
    Black & White Things   4 Pages
    Black and white clip art 'things' for graphics making. Use to make tubes, brushes, or web page background sets.
    Black & White Seashells   3 Pages
    Black and white clip art seashells for graphics making. Perfect for summer themed web sets, and stationary sets, calling cards, or other fun graphics making projects!

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Don't forget to visit Texas Rose Graphics 690 Seamless background images page, you can use the tiles for graphics making as well as using as a background or computer wall paper. Also, please visit Harm's Tiles 99 page, and download his software to seamlessly tile your new creations. You can visit Tile's 99 by clicking on the button below. Harm's free software is a favorite among graphics artists all across the Internet! If you don't have it, you need it :)
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©Texas Rose Graphics is copyright to Jean Penn 1999, 2000 All rights reserved.